Resource Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

GE Free NZ Press releases regarding Resource Legislation Amendment Bill (2016 -2017)

GE Free NZ submission to select committee

Māori Party continue to supportGE Free stance Maori Party (14/3/2017) 

Resource Legislation Bill - Checkpoint with Campbell, RNZ starts - 1.19.34mins (23/3/2017) (audio)

Environment Minister Nick Smith rejects Act claims Maori get too much power in Resource Management reforms. Claire Trevitt, NZ Herald (2/4/2017)

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill, committee reading.  Interview with Claire Bleakley, (starts 2mins) (4/4/2017) (audio)

8 year RMA reform saga enters home straight with GM carve-out. National Business Review (4/4/2017)

GE-Free Zones partially protected in RMA amendments.  Soil and Health Press Release (5/4/2017)

GE-Free zone victory against Nick Smith arrogant power grab. GE Free Northland Press Release (6/4/2017)

Labour raises questions about narrow scope of GM-free Hawkes Bay Today (6/4/2017)

Regions win battle to keep GE Free status but confusion remains Gerard Hutchings NZ Farmer (6/4/2017)