GE Breaches

AgResearch - OIA Request for Annual; report 2014 -2015

13.10.2015 OIA request for Annual Reports GE Free NZ to EPA

6.11.2015 Reply Dr. Freeth (resent on 21.4.2016 as did not recieve)

22.4.2016EPA letter reply to OIA on AgResearch Annual Reports. 

24.4.2016 GE Free NZ request to look into breach. 

AgResearch - Bovine human Follicle stimulating hormone (hFSH)


AgResearch and Biopharma  Letter to Wayne Mapp from Sir Peter Gluckman regarding the deaths at the Ruakura Faciliry, recieved under the OIA.

Deaths of Transgenic Calves Cows at the AgResearch Ruakura Facility Review Team: Dr. Jim Watson and Dr. Alan Beedle. Report into the deaths of the hFSH calves, recieved under the OIA

Brassica Breaches

Scion Tree Breaches

Laboratory Breaches:

Aribidopsis Breaches
Beauvaria bassiana breach.

Environmental Protection Agency reply to GE Free NZ OIA request on Beauveria Bassiana breach

Plant and Food reply to Beauveria Bassiana confidential organism.