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International Sites Links:


  • GM Watch - Excellent site on International GE Free issues
  • Gene Ethics GM-Free information from Australia
  • Sustainable Pulse provides up the latest global news on GMO's, sustainable food and agriculture  
  • Institute of Responsible Technology A comprehensive source of GMO health imformation.
  • Global Justice Ecology Project. explores the intertwined causes of social justice, ecological destruction and economic domination. 
  • Bioscience Resource Project The Bioscience Resource Project provides scientific and intellectual resources for a healthy future.
  • Save our Roots - Indigenous Environmental Network to protect the sacred biodiversity of forests.
  • GM -Free Alliance - The Alliance is our sister organisation and the national peak body of GM-free groups in Australia of which we are an affiliate.
  • GMWatch video links - a must see for the some eye opening video footage on GE matters.
  • ETCgroup - monitoring power, tracking technology, strengthening diversity.
  • MADGE - Australain group interested in food safety issues, the lack of adequate labelling and testing of GM foods.
  • Stop OGM Pacifique - New Caledonia group seeking to protect their GM Free environment.
  • The Non GMO project - The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit collaboration of manufacturers, retailers, processors, distributors, farmers, seed breeders, and consumers
  • MomsAcrossAmerica - Zen Honeycutt and other Mums leading awareness across the US.
  • The African Centre for Biodiversity: A research and advocacy organisation working towards food sovereignty and agro-ecology in Africa, with a focus on biosafety, seed systems and agricultural biodiversity.
  • International and Regional Group contacts: Informing and highlighting the dangers around GE in food, environment and communities.
  • European GMO-free Regions Network  Hosts regular conferences on the environment, climate protection and consumer protection. 
  • PSRAST: Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology. The scientific argument.
  • Campaign for food safety - an excellent site
  • Genetic Engineering and its Dangers - some excellent articles
  • GRAIN is an international nonprofit nongovernment organisation working to strengthen peoples' control over agricultural biodiversity, especially in developing countries.  
  • The Prince of Wales's site: includes a public forum on GE
  • CODEX Alimentarius:Food Standards Programme established by FAO and WHO to protect consumer health and promote fair practices in food trade.

Other Links: