Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ) Authority Assessments


Application A1073 - Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Soybean DAS-44406-6

GE Free Submission supported by Australian Organistions

Public submission form guide - Please feel free to use your own wording, just cut and paste into the form you want. You need to send by e-mail or hard copy by the 6th December 5pm 2012

Letter from Alliance members to COAG Ministers.

Appeal to the Regulatory Review Committee 25/2/2013-

Regulatory Review committee report of GE Free NZ appeal, tabled on 21st February 2014

Transcript of the Regulatory Review Committee hearing. 26/9/2013

New Zealand Parliament - Regulatory Review Committee documents - Evidence and Submissions,

GE Free NZ submission to the Regulatory Review Committee 25/2/2013

OIA letter from Minister Nikki Kaye to Jon Muller, Reason for approving 2,4-D, soybean in to the Food chain. 18/4/2013

OIA letter from Minister Nikki Kaye 17/7/2013

OIA response to Frank Rowson from MPI on advice to Minister for food safety, Niki Kaye.  24/4/2013

Letter to Jon Muller,  turning down GE Free first appeal to Regulatory Review Committee, due to not being made in relation to any NZ regulations. 26/6/2013

Submission to Regulatory Review committee appealing the decision to approve the A1073 2,4-D, glyphosate and glufosinate ammonium soybean. 3/7/2013

Letter from Chair Regulatory Review committee, Maryan Street, to Jon Muller notifying acceptance of complaint, and getting response from MPI. 19/8/2013

Submission of Claire Bleakley for GE Free NZ to the Regulatory Review Select Committee

FSANZ A416 Maize recall

Letter to FSANZ on NK603 /A416 Maize recall 20/09/2012

FSANZ  2, 4 - D Tolerant Corn A1042 (2011)

FSANZ Advantame A1034 (11/03/2011)

EPA / ERMA Assessments

Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Organisms Not Genetically Modified) Regulations - amendments

The Ministers Press Release 

Report on submissions - matters raised in submissions which led to the Ministers amendment of regulations

Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Organisms not genetically modified) Amendment regulations 2016

ERMA200706 and ERMA 200792 Arabidopsis thaliana

ERMA 200792 to import into containment GE Arabidopsis thaliana seed.

ERMA200706 to develop in containment Arabidopsis thaliana plants

GE Free NZ submission and power point

NZ Forest Research Institute (Scion)

ERMA20023 (01/03/2010)

Re-Assessment ERMA200223 (27/03/2011)

ERMA200421 (withdrawn 10/08/2010)

GMR07001-Genetically modified canarypox contained in equine influenza vaccine (18/11/2008)

Select Committee Hearing on the Environmental Protection Authority Bill

GE Free Submission to the EPA Bill and reply from Select committee. 8/02/2011